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Thursday, December 6, 2007

In the beginning ...

God created heaven and earth, so my creation of a tiny little blog is somewhat insignificant. But with encouragement from a new friend, it was really quite easy. Thanks, Kathy.

After spending 18 months reading only one blog, in the past two months my blog-reading has expanded considerably and I now have a top five that I read almost every day. My blog mentor told me there is a way to be alerted to new posts appearing on my favorite blogs, so I'll have to check that out.

Okay, what are my top five blogs? The ones I need to check daily? Today I'll introduce you to one of them, Crazy Aunt Purl. I started reading Laurie's blog after I googled "free knitted hat patterns" and the following recipe appeared:

Easy Roll-Brim Hat
1 skein Crystal Palace Iceland wool in orange

1 skein Crystal Palace Iceland wool in pink for a stripe
Size 11 circular needles, 16" long
Size 11 double-pointed needles (dpns) SCARY!!!
Robert Mondavi Shiraz from Ralph's

As a new knitter myself, I truly understood THAT ingredient in her 'recipe'. I laughed out loud and went back to the beginning of her blog, got to know her better, discovering that when her husband ... Laurie refers to him as 'Mr X' ... announced a few months before that he needed to leave her to find himself, she learned to knit for sanity. Her humor came through in almost every post, but there were sad entries as well. I remember so well a day in July when I decided to read her latest entry at work. It was entitled "The Story of Roy". Roy was one of her four cats. Unfortunately Roy had died the day before and by the end of her entry, I was sobbing! At work! Now Laurie's a published author and her book "Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair" is #1 in one of Amazon's relationship categories. I feel like a proud mom.

I'll talk about another one of my favorite blogs tomorrow.

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