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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Road Between Friends is Never Long

Yesterday I traveled 100 miles to join friends in a lovely tearoom called Tea Time at Sadie's located in Fort Dodge, Iowa. I chose the four-cheese chicken casserole with greens, fresh fruit and peach lemonade. So much food that dessert was out of the question. Afterward we stopped at Repeat Boutique, a consignment shop. It was even better than we remembered and we found several treasures that we couldn't leave behind. I honestly don't enjoy shopping for clothes as much as I once did, and in recent years most of the clothes I wear to the office I've purchased online. But the company I loved called Weekenders recently went out of business, so I'll be learning how to shop in brick-and-mortar stores again.

Yarn shop of the week: I found time on my way home from Fort Dodge to stop at a beautiful shop called The Yarn Basket in Carroll. I came away with 400 yards of multicolored wool with which I plan to make a shawl.

Around the cottage: The flowers are blooming profusely and needing water every day. My windowboxes are overflowing with red and white petunias, yellow pansies and red begonias. After a late start, the tomato plants are large enough for stakes and cages. A new lamppost light has been a big improvement.

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