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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wonderful Wednesdays ..

I work part-time and am able to take Wednesdays off most weeks. I always try to pack the day with too much, but always do something I really enjoy.
Today began with a trip to the dentist and although it was for a filling, I have never had such a gentle painkiller and return from numbness.
Next I met a friend on the patio of our favorite coffee shop Zanzibar's Coffee Adventure. Shady, secluded, silence. Well, except for our hour-long chat! We talked about setting up our two-person knitting group, so today I did take my knitting, but my friend forgot to bring hers.
Then it was off to my yoga group in West Des Moines. Only three of us were there today, but how relaxing and energizing at the same time.
Around the cottage: We may actually see tomatoes before the first frost. All the annuals are blooming their little hearts out. On these days with low humidity, the screened porch is the perfect place for daily quiet time.
Books of the Week: Talking Back by Andrea Mitchell. She's been everywhere and interviewed everyone. In fact I see that she is accompanying Obama this week on his fact-finding trip to the Middle East and Europe. The book is full of interesting tales including how she met and married her husband Alan Greenspan. Nesting, It's a Chick Thing by Ame Mahler Beanland and Emily Miles Terry. This is a lighthearted lifestyle book that takes a little jab at the seriousness of Martha Stewart-style homekeeping. Yes it has suggestions on decorating, cooking and gardening. I actually won this in a blog contest a few months ago and enjoyed reading it, but I think it's written for a younger audience so I'll be passing it on to my granddaughter who is planning a move to a Chicago apartment soon.
Blog of the Week: Lovely Kali is written by a young single mom who lives in Kansas. She has quite a talent for decorating on a shoestring as well as photography, and shares the good times as well as the bad.
LYS of the Week: Knitted Together in West Des Moines. Nancy formerly worked for Meredith Corporation and has a beautiful shop with mostly affordable and completely beautiful yarns. She has a lot of Cascade yarns, as well as Malabrigo and popular sock yarns.
Podcast of the Week: Sticks and String by David Reidy, an Aussie bloke. What a pleasant surprise. I know I'm at least 18 months late in finding his podcast, but am catching up now and enjoying his voice, his style, and his content.

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kali said...

When someone comments on my blog, its a joy like getting something in the mail! But to have you mention my blog in your blog, that just melts my heart! I just can't stop smiling! I am honored to know you read my blog, and enjoy it!!! You have blessed my heart today!
Thank you, friend.