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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Remembering High School ...

Today I got together with four friends from my high school class. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at a well-known restaurant called Stone's ( For 50 years, Stone's were famous for mile-high lemon chiffon pie, but they no longer make it, another . Their key lime pie was an adequate substitute. Since none of us is currently working, we were able to linger over tea and dessert and talk about things other than 'what hurts'.
Sometimes health or lack of it becomes such a big topic of conversation we can never get to what's good about our lives. But today it was fun to talk about long-ago trips to Europe and more recent trips to Hawaii. I recalled how my first flight to Germany on Lufthansa Airlines was so memorable for many reasons, not the least of which was the four-course dinner served on china with silver and linen napkins. I still have the menu packed away in a box in the basement. Have you seen the movie called "Catch Me If You Can" with Leo DiCaprio? I'm talking about the era depicted in that movie when pilots were gods and flight attendants were young, beautiful and called stewardesses. Anyway it was a day of fun and something that doesn't happen often enough.

On the way home, I stopped for a few minutes to visit with Kathy at Charity's Yarns. She had a sale on three skeins of beautiful Elsebeth Lavold DK Silky Wool in "Reed" a heathered gold color; the entire 600 yards for $15, and a sample called Carol's Clever Little Shawl knit in an aran weight yarn so I'm planning to make the same pattern which is free online.

Before I can begin the Carol's Shawl, I will finish my Purl Ridge Scarf in Dale of Norway Harlequin in Chocolate.

Along my route, I saw flooding in the fields, and creeks and rivers were quite high. I guess when 60"+ of snow melts in ten days that's what happens.

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