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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Taking Tea at Miss Spenser's

In April of 2009, I read a tiny notice in the local newspaper about an upcoming event called "Tea on the Titanic" at a place in the country called "Miss Spenser's Tea Room." My first thought was: how have I not heard of this place before? It was early morning and I vowed to call after work that afternoon. Unfortunately by the time I tried to make a reservation, the event was "Sold Out". I quickly reserved space for the Bridal Tea planned in June and rallied several friends to join me. Today I attended my 6th of their monthly teas, the Irish Farmhouse Tea. Each menu is carefully coordinated with the theme of the tea and guests are treated to a charming performance by Miss Spenser. At that first tea back in June, she played the part of Meg March from "Little Women" on the morning of her wedding day. Today she was Miss Mary McGrady and shared some tales and folklore from Ireland. She then played some Irish tunes on her harp while we continued to enjoy the food and conversation. It has been so much fun to share my 'discovery' of this hidden Iowa treasure with friends.

I recently discovered a blog called full of fantastic pictures and dreamy paintings, as well as great destination suggestions. I didn't realize I was a Francophile until I began reading Carol's blog. Of course that led me to a book recommended on the blog called "French by Heart: An American Family's Adventures in La Belle France" by Rebecca Ramsey. I have lived abroad ... in Germany for nearly three years ... and can identify with some of the challenges and adventures. It's lighthearted and a quick read.

I've been knitting the most adorable slippers called "French Press Felted Slippers" created by Melynda at "French Press Knits". Did I mention they're adorable? They are slightly addictive and others have knit several pairs ... we'll see how many I am able to knit.

Speaking of adorable, in October two new cuties were added to our family, JJ and BB.

Older sister Helen who's 2 1/2 going on 12 loves her new brothers and is a big help to mom and dad.

I recently discovered a new podcast called "Yarns from the Plain" by Nic who has a lovely British accent. It seems like Brits not only use words more beautifully than we Americans do but they have a larger vocabulary. For even more British accents, I listen to "Electric Sheep" by Hoxton (or Katie), and "Knitty Nora".

It was one of those March days when
the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold:
when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.
-Charles Dickens

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